We service all of Guilford & Madison, Connecticut. Current customers can enter their address below to view their calendar and setup alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I put the carts out?
All garbage and recycling containers must be left at your designated service area by 6:00am on your pickup day. Please do not try and time the truck each week. The easiest way to ensure your trash/recycling are always picked up is to have them out the night prior.
What if I miss a pickup?
Customers who do not have their trash & recycling out on time will have to wait until the following week for pickup. Customers have the option of paying an additional fee if they wish to have PurpleTrash come back during the same service week. If PurpleTrash is at fault for the missed pickup, we will come back at no charge to the customer.
Does my trash have to be bagged?
While not required, it is often best to put your garbage/refuse in bags before placing in your trash container. This will help prevent loose trash from falling out on windy days or when the container is emptied. It also helps to keep the container clean and avoid bugs/nasty smells.
Can I put construction/remodeling debris in the toter
Construction material, yard debris, paint, furniture, etc., are NOT permitted in your household trash. PurpleTrash will not take these items if you leave them out with your trash and recycling. If you need to dispose of these items, please take them to your town's transfer station or consider renting a dumpster. Check our app, or the recycling page for more information.
How much trash can I put out?
Your service is based upon the number of 95 gallon toters you pay for. The occasional extra bag or two is fine, as we understand their will be weeks where you will have extra. We also take into consideration Holidays and that you may have a little extra those weeks as well. Customers who regularly have additional trash besides their toters will be required to pay for additional toters.
What if I need a 2nd toter?
Customers who require a second toter for either trash or recycling can contact our office to arrange delivery. The cost for the additional toter would be $25 per month. A delivery charge of $49 will also be assessed. To avoid the delivery fee, order the additional container when signing up for service.
Did you take my...?
PurpleTrash will not be held responsible for any articles left on or near trash/recycling containers. Please ensure your trash and recycling containers are at least 3-4 feet away from other objects.
What if it snows?
During winter months, residential valet service customers with driveways that are not accessible are asked to bring their trash and recycling to the curb to ensure pickup. PurpleTrash will not assume the liability of coming on to your property if it is not properly maintained.
What holidays do you observe?
PurpleTrash is closed on the following holidays: New Years - Memorial Day - 4th of July - Labor Day - Thanksgiving - Christmas
It's a holiday week, when are you coming?
Trash & Recycling Service will be delayed one day during weeks in which holidays fall. For example, if Christmas falls on a Monday, Monday residential customers will get their garbage and recycling picked up on Tuesday, Tuesday residential customers on Wednesday, etc. During a week such as Thanksgiving, only those residential customers with trash & recycling pickup days on Thursday will be delayed one day. PurpleTrash only observes the listed holidays when they fall on a weekday.
Do you offer seasonal service or temporary suspensions?
Unfortunately we only offer year-round service. We do not offer seasonal or temporary suspensions of service. We come by every week. If the containers are not out, our drivers will notate it. We do not issue credits.
How do I get the cash?
Learn how to win cash by visiting our blog: PurpleTrash Blog