How much can you save?


Saving money with PurpleTrash is easy. Learn about how bundling our services will help you save... offers multiple ways to help save you money. First, our prices for trash & recycling service save you money when compared to our competitors. Most customers will realize a savings of $50-$60 per year, and receive better service to boot! When you factor in the services offered by our sister companies, the savings really start to pile up!

PurpleFuels customers who use our trash & recycling service save on home heating oil. Automatic delivery customers save $0.15 per gallon on each delivery. On call customers save $0.05 per gallon. For a standard home that uses 1000 gallons of heating oil per year, PurpleTrash customers who are on automatic delivery with PurpleFuels will save an average of $600 per year. This is based on actual prices of local home heating oil companies, located in Guilford, compared to PurpleFuels. You can do a lot with an extra $600 per year! customers who use our trash & recycling service save on dumpster rentals. PurpleTrash customers who need dumpster rental services will save $50 off every dumpster rental, and get an extra week of rental at no charge when renting a dumpster from This amounts to a value of $125 for each and every dumpster rental. When tackling your "Honey Do List", this can add up to substantial savings!

At this point, you have to be asking yourself what reason do I have for not going with PurpleTrash. We're thinking the exact same thing. Click below and let's start saving you money!

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How much can you save?

“Let's break it down”

Jim Bob's Trash/Jimmy's Fuel
Curb service/Auto delivery
Curb service/Auto delivery
Weekly Trash & Recycling (Per Year)
1000 gallons of home heating oil
Total for the year: